The main areas of activity are the production:

  1. Exploration work for construction;
  2. Project works for the construction;
  3. Production of building materials, products and structures (production of asphalt mixes, gravel of different factions, ready-mixed concrete);
  4. Сonstruction and erection works:
    • Excavation;
    • Special works in soils;
    • Erection of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and structures;
    • Work on installation of external engineering networks and constructions;
    • Work on installation of internal engineering systems;
    • Work on protection of structures and equipment;
    • Finishing work;
    • Road construction works;
    • Installation of technological equipment;
    • Construction and repair works;
    • Major, average repair of roads;
    • Reconstruction of roads, sites, buildings, structures and strengthening of structures.